Saturday, July 10, 2010

Long Time!! sure has been a long time since I've posted! Well our computer broke somehow and won't even turn on anymore so thats my excuse! We've taken it to 2 computer stores and neither one could get it to looks like we need to buy a new one!
Well a lot has happened since my last post in Nov. Im just going to brief through everything:

1) Jeff got a new job in Feb. He likes it a lot. He's working for Divco, an HVAC company based out of Spokane and Jeff handles all of the accounts in a 75 mile radius...from Ritzville to Royal City to Moses and Othello and Ephrata all the way to Coulee City and Electric City.
2) I started school June 21 out at BBCC. Im getting all of my pre-reqs done to apply for the dental hygiene program at CBC in Tri Cities.
3) Courtney turned 18 in Feb. and moved out that day....something about not liking our rules haha.
4) Courtney graduated from high school on June 12! She is planning on attending BBCC this fall.
5) Sam will be a big bad freshman this next year and Emily will be an even bigger senior! Shannon is excited because she gets to go to school all day as a cool 1st grader!
6) Jeff found out about 5 years ago that he has a half-sister and half-brother, and was just confirmed 100% with a DNA test that it is true. He is very excited to get to know them more!!
7) Jeffery started walking in Nov. and is now running, hoping and jumping all over the place...including the big trampoline in the back yard. He has a temper, just like both of his parents :), and will get so mad if you close the back sliding door....he wants to come and go as he pleases! If you give him something or tell him to say "thank you" he will just say "yep!" lol

Well I'm trying to do this from my phone, so I don't really have many pics to put on here...for now I was only able to get these 2 on. I will keep trying to get more.

Just enjoying some summer watermelon!

Daddy and Jeffery looking for "bugs"

Monday, November 16, 2009

What A Stud!

So I recently got Jeffery's first pictures taken since the girls were all getting their school pictures back. I got them back and they were ADORABLE!! I was only able to purchase 2poses at this time but it was soooo hard to chose which ones. Well I was looking around on the inernet this afternoon and found a site that I could look at all the pictures they took of him....and I was able to save them to our computer! I was so I have all the poses! :) Here are the pictures of our little stud!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Father Daughter Date

Well Opening day for deer was on Oct 17 and of course Jeff was ready weeks in advance! A buddy of his and Jeff took their trailers up Thursday night so they could scout all day Friday to be ready by Saturday morning! Well it paid off...Jeff got a really nice buck! It has eye guards that are over 1" so if you count them it is a nice 5x5! Samantha went with Jeff and had a great time! They had their deer after only about 20 min of waiting! He stopped right in front of them broadside...making the perfect shot even more perfect! :) Jeff took it to hang in a meat locker for a week and then him and I de-boned it ourselves again in our garage. After doing it last year we are getting to be pretty good. We joked and said I should become a butcher. Haha. Well here are some pictures of Jeff, Samantha and Bambi's Dad!
We took all our meat up to a butcher in Pasco and had summer sausage and pepper sticks made! YUMMY!!

Pretty Little Things!

Finally got my pictures of the girls dance night on the computer. On Oct. 17 Emily and Courtney went to Homecoming. They looked absolutely beautiful!! They both got ready at home and had their hair done at Salon Hogan! :) They both were really excited. Courtney's date's name was Zack and Emily's date was Ismeal. They both had a lot of fun and their dresses were perfect for each of them!!

Another Milestone!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jeff's Race

Two weeks ago Jeff entered a dirtbike race in Spokane. They have it every year; it's called the Hare Scramble....only at the end of October they call it the Scare Scramble. You can either enter it with a buddy and alternate laps or enter it by yourself and "Ironman it". Because jeff is absolutely Perfect and awesome at everything he does, it's hard for others to enjoy his company....leading him to "Ironman" the race this year!! hahaha It was a lot of fun...we packed up some food, blankets and supporting love and made it to Spokane in less than 70 min for Jeff to start the race. I think each lap is about 6ish miles long. There were a few pro riders doing 10 min. laps; Jeff's fastest recorded laptime was 13:19. He ended up completing 7 laps...would have gotten 9 but his bike blew up 3/4 through the 8th lap and had to walk it back a long ways to the pits where we were. He still had a lot of fun and will definatly win next year! LOL! Here are a few pics of him after the race...and extremely muddy!

Jeff's Pass Time

As you all know, Jeff is basically an adrenaline junky! One of his "toys" is his dirt bike. Here are a few shots of him riding with his buddies at the sand dunes.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Soccer for Shannon

So Shannon wanted to start playing soccer this year so we signed her up for the fall season. She just had her last game last week and loved every minute of it! This was her first year and she did awesome, scoring 2 goals! Here are just a couple pictures from her 1st practice. She said she definately wants to play in the spring!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

P90X Update!

So I'm still doing P90X and all I can say is "I HATE YOGA!" One week down, 12 more to go!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rolls Anyone?

Okay, so I know and I'm sure everyone else knows, that I've been overweight since basically I got pregnant with Shannon. I gained about 50 lbs with her and never lost the baby weight, then gained a little more with Jeffery....and well, here I am...rolls and all. Well I have wanted to lose the weight for a long time...I'm always tired, I run out of breath very easily....and some other things that goes along with being...uh, chubby! :) Jeff and I are planning a trip to Hawaii this spring and I definately want to go and enjoy the trip and not worry about not looking good in a swimsuit, so I'm doing it. I'm losing the weight. Ive decided the way I'm going to do it is to continue counting points for weight watchers but then for my exercise that goes along side with that I'm starting P90X. For those of you who don't know what that TV. I'm sure you'll see an infomercial sooner or later for it. It's extreme cardio, yoga, stretching, core workouts, and just about every kind of exercise you can think of!! It's a 90 day program and there are 13 different DVD's that you follow and depending if you want to bulk up or just get lean you follow a certain schedule. Every day of the week you do a different DVD and every week you do different orders. It's hard core. Well I just started my first day yesterday bright and early...6:00. About 20 min into it I was thinking, "Wow...I'm getting kind of tired." Then about 40 min into it I thought, "I'm just going to sit down and watch them do it..." (But I didn't) Then at the end of the hour, I was thinking, "HOLY CRAP IM OUT OF SHAPE." I sat down on the couch and my hips and thighs were literally quivering. I went to sit up after about 20 min and already felt pain in my lower abs. I must have done something right because today I feel like the lower half of my body was in a car wreck or something!! I literally don't know how I'm going to do todays DVD....but I'm going to! I just need to suck it up and get past this first week!!! I've decided to kind of keep a journal on here.... to kind of keep me motivated! If I quit, then everyone who reads this will know....and I don't want that! So 1 day down, 89 to go!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beef Cake Anyone?

So Jeff has been faithfully going back to the gym to get in better shape. I have to applaud him for his dedication...As you can see by my physique, I don't have that quality! :) Here are a couple pictures of him when he came home from the gym the other day. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not a Little Baby Anymore!

Well, it's official...Shannon is in Kindergarten! Today was her first day and she LOVED it! I was so funny because when I picked her up I asked her if she had fun. Her response was, "Yeah, but I didn't even learn to read today." Later she was talking to Jeff on the phone and telling him about her day, she was telling him that they had to walk in a straight line out to the playground for recess. He asked if it was fun, "Daddy, what is so fun about walking in a straight line?" It seems like only yesterday she was still referring to all food as "ummies" and calling diapers "boppers". Now she is copping attitude and in school!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jeffery's Favorite Toy....For Now?

Okay, so I have given Jeffery how many baths in the last 9 months? And how many in the last 2 months that he has been able to sit up by himself? I don't even know. Well I usually put toys in the bath with him to play with....this night, however, I didn't because I was just going to hurry. I turned around to grab him a washcloth and towel out of my closet in the bathroom and turned around to this. Is this what I get to look forward to about raising a boy? I guess it's one of the perks about being a boy...less toys to buy!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another milestone!

Here is just a little video of Jeffery crawling in the kitchen. Just ignore the excited "mom" voice. :)

Holy Cow!!!!

Man, I think I just broke my last record of not blogging. We moved about 2 months ago and just finally got internet hooked up at home!! And because I am no longer working I will have absolutely no reason to not keep this blog updated!! I know all of you are absolutely dieing to here how things have been going!! :) Well here is just a quick little list of things:

1)Jeffs sister and her new boyfriend came to visit in June
2) Our old house sold after being in forclosure so we had until the end of June to be out of the house...luckily we found a great home in such short notice and are even thinking about buying it.
3) Got fired from Lakeside Dental...yes fired. And the reason??? I'm still wondering that myself. I had absolutely no warnings, no write-ups, no nothing; was a head assistant, had been there a year, and then after work on July 24th, was called in to HR office and was told that it was my last day and I would need to take all my belongings home!!! The biggest shock. The only reason I was given was "It's just not working out", okay!?! So in the meantime, I've applied for unemployment benies but haven't recieved any yet, called every dental office in the phone book; no one is hiring, and just staying at home with my it!!
4) Jeffery has started crawling...YEAH!! I can see it in his eyes, "crawling sucks, I wanna be on my feet like everyone else!" It's just a matter of time.
5) Registered the girls for school..Shannon included!! Oh My Gosh, she is starting Kindergarted this year! I can't believe it!! We went and found out her teacher; Ms. Grey at Knolls Vista. Her first day is Thursday Sept. 3. She can hardly contain herself!
6) Courtney is graduating this year!! Starting to get senior pic. info...I can't believe it!
7) Emily just had her 16th B-day!! She graduated from bottom of the line no camera, no bluetooth, no nothing cell phone to the Samsung's an IPhone knock off, touch screen, bluetooth, camera/video and she loves it....:)
8)Jeffery now has 6 teeth and 2 more are about to break through!!
9) Bought the girls a wakeboard back in July and they love it...they got up basically their first try and within 2 days they were cutting outside the wake! Amazing!! Just in time for us to hit our propellar on a big rock, take a chunck out of it and throw the whole motor off balance....what a way to end the summer! Thank heavens for insurance! :)
10) The guy who usually does all of the HVAC with Jeff at his work quit, leaving Jeff with ALL of the work to do by himself!! Not fun because he is literally working everyday! 114 hours in the last 2 weeks! Pay check is good, but not him being gone all of the time!
11)We went camping with some family friends of ours over Memorial weekend! We went up Icicle Creek Road. There was a mudslide wiping out the road about half way up this last winter so we were only able to make it up to 8 mile campground. It was still a lot of fun. jeffery's first camping experience.
12) Samantha had her 13th birthday. She had some friends over and went bowling. My friend Nicole made her cake, it was amazing...a volcano on the beach! Awesome!
13) The fair was here last week. Jeff had been working everyday so he didn't want to go walk around and for the older girls, it's not cool to walk around with your parents, so Nicole brought her nephew Canaan and I had Jeffery and Shannon. The two, Shannon and Canaan , had a blast on the rides! There are a few pics of that to follow.
14) Jeffery got his first haircut with clippers!! His hair was like a mop on the top of his hair, totally opposite of shannon...His hair is thick and a lot of it. He got it cut at the salon that Jeff goes to! We like to spike the top, just like Daddy!
15) I finally got the Coach purse and wallet that I had been wanting. I got it for mothers day! I love it!!!
16) I finally got baptized into my church on May 3, 2009! That was one of the most exciting days for me!! There are 2 pics of that on here too. Baptism by imerssion in front of the whole congregation!! What a rush! :)

Well I can't think of too many more exciting things...I'm just going to throw some random pictures on here. Hope this helps everyone get caught up with our lives, I'll definately be blogging again a lot sooner than last time! :)

We have the same hair!!

Opening Salmon fishing in Snohomish!! Good job Honey!

Samantha's homemade tropical island birthday cake!! Yummy! Awesome job Nicole and thanks!! :)

Pretty soon it's gonna be "look Ma, no hands!" :)

Taking a break at the Aquatic Center.

Our camping neighbor made the girls these hats in about 2 hours for both!

Jeff and I golfing! I was hitting it about 250 yds straight down the fairway...first time golfing! :)


Perfect form!!


Do I have anything up my nose?

Jeffery and his monkey!

My mothers day presents...above and below.

Before....and full of sins! :)

After....and perfect! :)