Monday, November 16, 2009

What A Stud!

So I recently got Jeffery's first pictures taken since the girls were all getting their school pictures back. I got them back and they were ADORABLE!! I was only able to purchase 2poses at this time but it was soooo hard to chose which ones. Well I was looking around on the inernet this afternoon and found a site that I could look at all the pictures they took of him....and I was able to save them to our computer! I was so I have all the poses! :) Here are the pictures of our little stud!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Father Daughter Date

Well Opening day for deer was on Oct 17 and of course Jeff was ready weeks in advance! A buddy of his and Jeff took their trailers up Thursday night so they could scout all day Friday to be ready by Saturday morning! Well it paid off...Jeff got a really nice buck! It has eye guards that are over 1" so if you count them it is a nice 5x5! Samantha went with Jeff and had a great time! They had their deer after only about 20 min of waiting! He stopped right in front of them broadside...making the perfect shot even more perfect! :) Jeff took it to hang in a meat locker for a week and then him and I de-boned it ourselves again in our garage. After doing it last year we are getting to be pretty good. We joked and said I should become a butcher. Haha. Well here are some pictures of Jeff, Samantha and Bambi's Dad!
We took all our meat up to a butcher in Pasco and had summer sausage and pepper sticks made! YUMMY!!

Pretty Little Things!

Finally got my pictures of the girls dance night on the computer. On Oct. 17 Emily and Courtney went to Homecoming. They looked absolutely beautiful!! They both got ready at home and had their hair done at Salon Hogan! :) They both were really excited. Courtney's date's name was Zack and Emily's date was Ismeal. They both had a lot of fun and their dresses were perfect for each of them!!

Another Milestone!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jeff's Race

Two weeks ago Jeff entered a dirtbike race in Spokane. They have it every year; it's called the Hare Scramble....only at the end of October they call it the Scare Scramble. You can either enter it with a buddy and alternate laps or enter it by yourself and "Ironman it". Because jeff is absolutely Perfect and awesome at everything he does, it's hard for others to enjoy his company....leading him to "Ironman" the race this year!! hahaha It was a lot of fun...we packed up some food, blankets and supporting love and made it to Spokane in less than 70 min for Jeff to start the race. I think each lap is about 6ish miles long. There were a few pro riders doing 10 min. laps; Jeff's fastest recorded laptime was 13:19. He ended up completing 7 laps...would have gotten 9 but his bike blew up 3/4 through the 8th lap and had to walk it back a long ways to the pits where we were. He still had a lot of fun and will definatly win next year! LOL! Here are a few pics of him after the race...and extremely muddy!

Jeff's Pass Time

As you all know, Jeff is basically an adrenaline junky! One of his "toys" is his dirt bike. Here are a few shots of him riding with his buddies at the sand dunes.