Friday, January 4, 2008

"Just Because I Love You"

I know, this card probably
doesn't make sense, but
keep reading and you'll

Notice Shannon stanging in the back...very proud of what her Daddy had done.

So cute story to tell. Yesterday morning, Jeff called me from work at about 10:45 (he goes to work at 6) and begins to ask me if I am leaving the house at all today. I tell him that I have to take Emily to the Bowling Alley at 11:00 (she is on the High School Bowling Team) for their out of town game and then run to the bank and then home. He then proceeds to ask an exact time I'll be home and wanted to know if I'd be home the remainder of the day. Kind of odd, but oh well. When I question him, he tells me that he had ordered something from his motorcycle magazine (for his YZF 450...his dirtbike) and it would be here between 12-12:30. Hmmm, I start thinking to myself, the company NEVER gives him an exact time that his stuff will arrive....but whatever. We get off the phone. He then calls back at about 11:50 asking me if I was home. He told me that whatever was coming "for his bike" I would like too. Right there, I knew he was up to something. I asked him some more questions and he told me, "Okay, I got a new rear sprocket for my bike." YES....I was so happy for his new sprocket....!?!?! No, not really, but I know it was something else. He calls back for a 3rd time at 12:30...asking me if it had come yet...NOT YET!!! He now said they told him it would be here within the hour. So he's got me REALLY wondering what he's up too now. Sure enough, within the hour, there is a knock at my front door. I open it and there is a lady standing there with the most beautiful boquet of a dozen roses I've ever seen. I immediately took pictures with my phone and called him. He told me they were for no other reason other than "He loves Me." C'mon, you can't get better than that. I'm so greatful that Jeff is in my life! He truely is amazing!!