Saturday, July 10, 2010

Long Time!! sure has been a long time since I've posted! Well our computer broke somehow and won't even turn on anymore so thats my excuse! We've taken it to 2 computer stores and neither one could get it to looks like we need to buy a new one!
Well a lot has happened since my last post in Nov. Im just going to brief through everything:

1) Jeff got a new job in Feb. He likes it a lot. He's working for Divco, an HVAC company based out of Spokane and Jeff handles all of the accounts in a 75 mile radius...from Ritzville to Royal City to Moses and Othello and Ephrata all the way to Coulee City and Electric City.
2) I started school June 21 out at BBCC. Im getting all of my pre-reqs done to apply for the dental hygiene program at CBC in Tri Cities.
3) Courtney turned 18 in Feb. and moved out that day....something about not liking our rules haha.
4) Courtney graduated from high school on June 12! She is planning on attending BBCC this fall.
5) Sam will be a big bad freshman this next year and Emily will be an even bigger senior! Shannon is excited because she gets to go to school all day as a cool 1st grader!
6) Jeff found out about 5 years ago that he has a half-sister and half-brother, and was just confirmed 100% with a DNA test that it is true. He is very excited to get to know them more!!
7) Jeffery started walking in Nov. and is now running, hoping and jumping all over the place...including the big trampoline in the back yard. He has a temper, just like both of his parents :), and will get so mad if you close the back sliding door....he wants to come and go as he pleases! If you give him something or tell him to say "thank you" he will just say "yep!" lol

Well I'm trying to do this from my phone, so I don't really have many pics to put on here...for now I was only able to get these 2 on. I will keep trying to get more.

Just enjoying some summer watermelon!

Daddy and Jeffery looking for "bugs"