Wednesday, September 16, 2009

P90X Update!

So I'm still doing P90X and all I can say is "I HATE YOGA!" One week down, 12 more to go!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rolls Anyone?

Okay, so I know and I'm sure everyone else knows, that I've been overweight since basically I got pregnant with Shannon. I gained about 50 lbs with her and never lost the baby weight, then gained a little more with Jeffery....and well, here I am...rolls and all. Well I have wanted to lose the weight for a long time...I'm always tired, I run out of breath very easily....and some other things that goes along with being...uh, chubby! :) Jeff and I are planning a trip to Hawaii this spring and I definately want to go and enjoy the trip and not worry about not looking good in a swimsuit, so I'm doing it. I'm losing the weight. Ive decided the way I'm going to do it is to continue counting points for weight watchers but then for my exercise that goes along side with that I'm starting P90X. For those of you who don't know what that TV. I'm sure you'll see an infomercial sooner or later for it. It's extreme cardio, yoga, stretching, core workouts, and just about every kind of exercise you can think of!! It's a 90 day program and there are 13 different DVD's that you follow and depending if you want to bulk up or just get lean you follow a certain schedule. Every day of the week you do a different DVD and every week you do different orders. It's hard core. Well I just started my first day yesterday bright and early...6:00. About 20 min into it I was thinking, "Wow...I'm getting kind of tired." Then about 40 min into it I thought, "I'm just going to sit down and watch them do it..." (But I didn't) Then at the end of the hour, I was thinking, "HOLY CRAP IM OUT OF SHAPE." I sat down on the couch and my hips and thighs were literally quivering. I went to sit up after about 20 min and already felt pain in my lower abs. I must have done something right because today I feel like the lower half of my body was in a car wreck or something!! I literally don't know how I'm going to do todays DVD....but I'm going to! I just need to suck it up and get past this first week!!! I've decided to kind of keep a journal on here.... to kind of keep me motivated! If I quit, then everyone who reads this will know....and I don't want that! So 1 day down, 89 to go!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beef Cake Anyone?

So Jeff has been faithfully going back to the gym to get in better shape. I have to applaud him for his dedication...As you can see by my physique, I don't have that quality! :) Here are a couple pictures of him when he came home from the gym the other day. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not a Little Baby Anymore!

Well, it's official...Shannon is in Kindergarten! Today was her first day and she LOVED it! I was so funny because when I picked her up I asked her if she had fun. Her response was, "Yeah, but I didn't even learn to read today." Later she was talking to Jeff on the phone and telling him about her day, she was telling him that they had to walk in a straight line out to the playground for recess. He asked if it was fun, "Daddy, what is so fun about walking in a straight line?" It seems like only yesterday she was still referring to all food as "ummies" and calling diapers "boppers". Now she is copping attitude and in school!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jeffery's Favorite Toy....For Now?

Okay, so I have given Jeffery how many baths in the last 9 months? And how many in the last 2 months that he has been able to sit up by himself? I don't even know. Well I usually put toys in the bath with him to play with....this night, however, I didn't because I was just going to hurry. I turned around to grab him a washcloth and towel out of my closet in the bathroom and turned around to this. Is this what I get to look forward to about raising a boy? I guess it's one of the perks about being a boy...less toys to buy!!