Sunday, December 28, 2008


I know, it's about time I got some pictures on here. This is just going to be a quick entourage of pictures from the past couple months in no specific order. There's a little hunting, fishing and baby Jeffery on the next post. Hope you enjoy! :)

Shannon working on her bike like her Daddy! She does this every time Jeff works on his motorcycle....and uses Daddy's tools from his tool box!

She is so proud to be out there with Daddy!

Still working on their Bikes!

Waiting for a bite on the line!

At the gun range checking our targets with Daddy! I got a couple bulls eyes baby! :)

Samantha's first time at the gun range...she did awesome!!

Waiting....and waiting....and waiting!

Deer hunting this year, just Jeff and Samantha! They saw a whole bunch of Dos, but no bucks this day!

Samantha hunting with her Dad...they had a great time!!

Jeff bringing home the bacon.....i mean fish! :)

The catch of the day!

Baby Jeffery!!

First day out, 3 days old...going to Dr. appt and mommy's work to be shown off!

Just a little photoshop fun! :) (12 hrs old, at the hospital)

My first picture...say cheese!

3 weeks old and so alert! Im just so adorable and handsome aren't I? :)

Showing mom my cute smile....or is that gas?!?!

Waking up...taking a peek at mom!

Bundled up to go to another Dr appt for more blood draws....checking my jaundice level! I hate those heel pokes!

It's so tiring being me! Eat, sleep and poop...pheewww! I'm beat!

My first night at home in mommy and daddys bed! Much better than that plastic thing at the hospital!

Good Morning! My first official the hospital with mom!

Jeffery just relaxing....and very tired!

Little Jeffery relaxing in Mom and Dads bed.

Little Jeff and Big Jeff cuddling in the recliner! He loves laying with Daddy!!

Shannon loving her baby brother in the hospital.

Emily holding baby Jeffery.

Holding her baby brother for the first time.

Courtney snuggling with Jeffery before school.

Samantha getting in some cuddle time.

The proud Daddy with his son...and Shannon sneaking in the action.

Look at that proud only took 5 tries, but his son is here! :)

Don't be jealous of how I look after labor....haha! (Notice the still very
swollen nose?!?!)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Jeffery Carter Hogan

This is the picture that the hospital took the day we were discharged to put on their website. Such a little angel!(more pics coming soon...sorry its taking so long)

Monday, December 15, 2008

There is no Longer a Bun in the Oven!

Well he's here! Jeffery Carter Hogan entered this world at 5:44 am Monday, 12-8-08! Actually, Carter Jeffery Hogan entered this world that day and became Jeffery Carter today! The whole time I was pregnant, Jeff wanted to name him Jeffery. I was hesitant for a reason I still don't know. This whole week I have thought about his name and came to the conclusion, in my opinion, that every father should have the opportunity to name his son after him if that is what is desired. If not, then something else can be our case, Carter. Jeff never really liked Carter, and all week kept saying that it didn't seem natural to call our little bundle of joy Carter. Well I know how much it would mean to Jeff to have his son be named after him, so today I called the hospital in hopes that our paperwork for the birth certificate hadn't been mailed off to Olympia yet. Luckily it hadn't and we were able to change it without having to go through court and all the hooplah! I feel really good about it and am happy that we have both decided on a name for out little boy. So there is no confusion we'll call him Jeffery and big Jeff is Jeff.
Well as I was saying earlier, Jeffery was born at 5:44 am, weighed 7lbs 4oz, and was 19 1/2 inches long. My water broke at home Sunday night at about 5:00 and we were admitted to the hospital at about 6:00. I was only dialated to about 4 at that time so my Dr. recommended starting Pitocin to get things rolling since my water had broken. I dialated about 1cm an hr. I ended up getting the epidural, which made things a lot more comfortable! By 5 am I was fully dialated and 100% efaced (spelling?). The nurse called my Dr to let her know we were ready, and she showed up 10 min later. I started pushing at about 5:30 and with 4 contractions and 12 pushes later Jeffery came "shooting" out! I say shooting because with that last push he came out so fast that even Dr. Russel almost dropped him...of course the bed was right under him, but intense anyway!:) All the girls have adapted to him like a fish to water and enjoy his company very much! Even Shannon enjoys him and helps whenever she can, with holding him, getting new diapers out, and her sweet little kisses! We are so truely blessed to have this little boy to complete our family! I have a lot of pictures to get on here but sadly right now I haven't gotten them transferred from the camera yet. Those will come shortly!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Not here yet....

Well just another quick update, I had my 37 week checkup yesterday, I'm actually almost 38 weeks, and heartbeat is still nice and strong. My Dr. did a pelvic exam and I am now dialated to about a 3. She said she was actually surprised to see me at my appt and not in labor before. She told me to make an appt for next week but she thinks she will see me before baby is coming soon! I think that the pelvic exam might have triggered labor because since I left there yesterday at about 1:30, I've been having contractions. I was timing them last night and they were very consistant, about 10-11 minutes apart. I even took a long hot bath to see if that would help them subside, and nope.....they went all through the night and into today. They haven't gotten any stronger or closer together, so I am still at home just relaxing. Hopefully we'll have pictures to put on this weekend.