Saturday, November 22, 2008

Still Waiting.....

Well I'm 36 weeks prego now and ready to see this little guy! My feet, along with the rest of my body, are swollen everyday, my back is killing me, this little guy is very strong and my ribs and lungs feel the repercussions of his little legs all day! Oh yeah, and I'm back to having contractions all the time again....the kind that make your back hurt! The girls at my work have told me that I have dropped, which by the amount of times I'm running to the bathroom, I could have told you that very easily! I'm just all around ready!! When I was prego with Shannon, I had her at exactly 36 weeks...which would be.....tomorrow! Yikes! Time sure flies! And now that I've seen the pictures of Scotts little Jace, it makes me even more ready to meet ours! We are having another ultrasound on Wednesday, day before Thanksgiving, just to see how he is measuring. At the 26 wk ultrasound, he was measuring about a week bigger, so we just want to see about where we are. I'm so excited! Hopefully the next post we will have a few pictures! Oh and still no name...I'm liking Carter William....we'll have to see!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jeff at the Sand Dunes

Here are just a few pictures of Jeff jumping at the sand dunes. The guy taking the pictures didn't know what he was doing obviously and some of the shots could have been a lot better. He either got Jeff too early or too late, not at the peak of the jump. I'll have to go out with him and take some better pictures...:).

fifth gear!!!!!

Jeff doing a whip...... but captured at the end, too bad!

another fifth gear hit

fifth about 150'

One of the better pictures...fifth gear Go Jeffy!


Well here are the pictures that I promised. There are some of the deer that Jeff got, Halloween, and the video of Shannon I have wouldnt upload, so that will have to wait. For Halloween, Court went out with her friends dressed like punk rockers. Emily had to help the volleyball team pass out candy at the high school dressed like a princess, Sam was an old grandma with a big butt and Shannon was a princess. We juat took Sam and Shannon to the high school and then to a couple houses...called it an early night and went to eat at Denny's. They all had a lot of fun.