Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not a Little Baby Anymore!

Well, it's official...Shannon is in Kindergarten! Today was her first day and she LOVED it! I was so funny because when I picked her up I asked her if she had fun. Her response was, "Yeah, but I didn't even learn to read today." Later she was talking to Jeff on the phone and telling him about her day, she was telling him that they had to walk in a straight line out to the playground for recess. He asked if it was fun, "Daddy, what is so fun about walking in a straight line?" It seems like only yesterday she was still referring to all food as "ummies" and calling diapers "boppers". Now she is copping attitude and in school!!


Ritchies said...

she is so cute! Hazel has the same backpack!! Those two!! silly!