Friday, April 18, 2008

"There's a Snake in My Boot!"

Okay, not really a snake in my boot, as much as a peanut in my tummy!! Yes, we just found out that I am pregnant again! Finally! I'm only 4 1/2 weeks so just starting out. I'm totally excited though. I've been ready for a 2nd one for about 2 years now, so this is like a dream come true! The cool part about it is that my brother Scott's wife Jenny is pregnant too! We found out about eachother on the same day. She is about 3 weeks ahead of me....again! About 5 years ago, we were both pregnant with Hazel and Shannon. Again, our due dates were only 3 weeks apart. This will be's like a race to the finish line. I just found out I was pregnant by a home test yesterday morning...and it was a for sure thing! Consequently, I haven't gone to the doctor yet so I don't know my official due date. Jenny got online for me and figured it out using a conception due-date wheel and it said my date will be December 21, 2008! I need EVERYONE to pray now, and everyday until this little peanut comes out that it is a BOY! We already have 4 girls and this will be our last baby. We need some more testosterone in the house, so everyone, when you lay your pretty little heads down at night and you are thanking The Big Guy upstairs for your amazing lives....don't forget Megan and her peanut...BOY, BOY, BOY!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

WEEE....Finally warming up!

So it's finally starting to look a little like spring. Shannon and I went to the pet store to get our dog some food and she wanted to get him a pig ear to chew on. Those are his favorite treats. She gave it too him outside so he wouldn't make a mess and while we were outside she asked if she could jump on the trampoline for a couple minutes before her nap. Yes she still takes shoud see her when she doesn't..she gets fangs!! I told her only for a couple minutes. I ran in and got the camera and managed to get a couple cute shots. Also a few at the pet store.


Practicing her "tuck" jump!

"Even Princesses can do this!"

Perfect Star Jump! Watch out Molahiettes!!

What the....?