Friday, November 6, 2009

Father Daughter Date

Well Opening day for deer was on Oct 17 and of course Jeff was ready weeks in advance! A buddy of his and Jeff took their trailers up Thursday night so they could scout all day Friday to be ready by Saturday morning! Well it paid off...Jeff got a really nice buck! It has eye guards that are over 1" so if you count them it is a nice 5x5! Samantha went with Jeff and had a great time! They had their deer after only about 20 min of waiting! He stopped right in front of them broadside...making the perfect shot even more perfect! :) Jeff took it to hang in a meat locker for a week and then him and I de-boned it ourselves again in our garage. After doing it last year we are getting to be pretty good. We joked and said I should become a butcher. Haha. Well here are some pictures of Jeff, Samantha and Bambi's Dad!
We took all our meat up to a butcher in Pasco and had summer sausage and pepper sticks made! YUMMY!!