Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mimi Darlin' Comes to Town!!

Ever since Shannon was about 2 she has called Jeffs mom Mimi Darlin'! All the grandkids have always called her Mimi, however Shannon decided to add her own part! She lives in Arizona and flew up here for a visit for this past week! It was a lot of fun having her here for a week and very nice! Jeff and I weren't able to take any days off of work but we still got to visit and hang out. She had dinner ready every night, laundry done, house was so nice! And very much appreciated! :) Well while she was here, the girls and her kept "whispering" about something....and we weren't allowed to know about what! They just said "it's a secret". Well narrowing it down with clues that we picked up on we knew something was going to happen Wednesday when we both got home from work! Well Wednesday night, Jeffs Aunt, Uncle, cousins wife and little boy from Ephrata came over, we all had a big Spaghetti dinner and hung out. It was fun....but still not very surprising seeing as though we always get together, especially when a family member comes up from AZ. Well sure enough, after dinner Jeffs mom told Jeff and I that we had to go upstairs so they could "talk"......riiiight! :) When we were told that we could come back down, we were right...they were up to something. Janet (Jeffs mom) had spent all day baking, frosting, and assembling a 3 teir wedding cake!! They had champaigne glasses for Jeff and I, punch made, confetti on the table....they had thrown us a surprise wedding reception/anniversary party!!! How fun! Now I know, our anniversary isn't until September, but Jeff and I never had a reception...not even a wedding cake! And Janet wanted to do that for us while she was up here! It was so nice and a lot of fun...and the cake was YUMMY!! She completely out-did herself! She is amazing! And the girls, yes even Shannon, kept a great secret! :) Thanks everyone! :) Here are a couple pictures of the cake she make and just some from the week she was here! Oh and Jeffery officially has 2 teeth!! And Im pretty sure hes getting more!!!

Jeff's Aunt Kenna in pink, Uncle Johnny in plaid, cousins wife Cassie in black.

Jeffery giving his Mimi kisses.

and more kisses!

Janet and Jeffery.

Look at those rollie pollie legs!!

Shannon and her cousin JoeJoe.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Steaks and Potatos Pretty Soon...

Man oh has been 3 months since I posted last. Well I've been really busy since I went back to work. Well Jeffery is getting big! He has his 4 month checkup next week so I have no idea how much the little tank weighs....but he really is a little tank! He definately is not starving! :) I am, however, having to supplement with formula to get him full though! And he takes to that like a champ!! Well on easter, Jeffery rolled over for the first time! He has been rolling onto his side and just laying there talking and talking for a couple weeks. He just decided to go a little further this time, and of course by the time I grabble the camera he was done! He has also been super fussy, drooling, throwing up all the time, and had diarhea for a few weeks. Not fun! Well the reason for all of this was he's teething...and his first tooth poked through his little gums on Monday night! Yes...already....a tooth at 4 months! And the one right next to it is pushing it's way up too! It hasn't broken through the gums yet but you can see the little pressure spot where it's trying! Poor little guy!! And it's so funny cause if you try to put your finger in his mouth to feel it he shakes his head and tries to bite you like a rabbid dog!! Super funny!!! Well here are a few pictures....not the most recent but just a few weeks ago.

Sittin with my Titi!

Just Chillin' with my cousin Jace....he makes a great pillow!!

My Daddy was making me laugh!

I love my family!