Saturday, October 25, 2008

Time sure flies!!

Wow, it has been over 2 months since I've posted anything! I am now 32 wks prego, and ready to see this little guy. No names have been chosen yet, we haven't even narrowed it down to a couple. I've had a couple scares since the last time I posted...about a month ago, I didn't feel the baby move for almost 2 days. He had always been very very active and kicking like crazy, so I decided to call my doctor. She wanted me to come in for a check, just to be safe. She found the heartbeat right away and hooked me up to a monitor for about 10 min. He was happy and content in there, just starting to run out of room. So that was all good. Then on Oct. 11, KayDe, Jenny, Hazel, Shannon and I had a girls day shopping in North Bend. All the walking all day started some Braxton Hicks contractions that lasted everyday, every 1-2 hrs for a week and a half. I called my doctor last Tues. and she had me come in's too early to have this baby, I do still have 8 weeks. Once again, we hooked up to a monitor for about 10 min and everything was good. She wasn't too concerned with the contractions because they weren't getting any closer together or stronger...just staying the same, and I don't have any spotting with them. So I will go back on Nov 10 for my 34 week check up. He continues to move like crazy kicking, pushing, stretching....whatever he can do and it causes my whole tummy to shift and change shape. He's pretty strong! We are having my baby shower on Nov 8 so I will have to post some pictures of that!
On another note...Jeff went deer hunting 2 weeks ago and got a 2x3 mule deer. Obviously he wasn't trophy hunting....but it was a good catch for some good meat! We hung it at our house over night for the first night and then Jeff took it to Basin Meats to hang for another 3 days. He brought it home last Saturday from there and he and I de-boned it together in our garage. I got online to find out how and what cuts of meat were the best....good learning experience for the both of us, and a good bonding time! Hahaha...nothing like butchering a deer in your garage with your hubby! :) He then took all the meat, except the backstraps and tenderloins...we kept those here and marinated them at our house....YYYUUUMMMMMYYYY!!!, to a place in Tri Cities to get the rest cut. We got 20 lbs of jerkey, 50 ft of pepperoni sticks, and 10 lbs of brats! Yummy!
Also, Shannon learned how to ride her bike without training wheels the other day. Jeff taught her in less than an hr and she is now starting, stopping and turning around and in circles by herself. I need to take some pictures and videos of her next time...I was at work when he taught her...and then I'll get them posted on here. I'll also post pics of the deer Jeff got.
Sorry it's been so long to post...I'll try to be better! :)