Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Baby Bump!

I know, not exactly a good picture, cutting off the head and everything, but hey, when you take a picutre by yourself and it's with a cell phone, you kind of have to just settle for what you can get! This is my belly at 19 1/2 weeks! WAY bigger than mine with Shannon! I did however gain more weight and get fatter with Shannon, but when you work at Dairy Queen and eat their food everyday, what do you expect! :) So far I'm actually 2 lbs lighter than before I got pregnant. I lost about 5 lbs before I knew I was prego, and have only gained about 2 back. Between weeks 12-16 I only gained 1 lb! Yeah for me!! My baby bump with Shannon didn't even "pop"until about 25-26 weeks! I've been feeling the baby squirming around in there like crazy! It's actually kicking as I'm typing this! It's like it's doing water...or should I say amniotic fluid aerobics or something. I've been feeling this one a lot more than I felt Shannon too. All in all, this pregnancy has just been totally opposite. I have my next appt. on Aug 7, only 8 days from today! I'm totally excited cause it's my ultrasound, and if the little peanut will cooperate and spread their legs, we'll get to find out the sex! Still praying for a boy, and I hope everyone else is too! Well I better get back to work, hope everyone is doing well. I'll post again after our appt. next week! :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally, a 4th of July Update!

We had a really good 4th of July. We went to the lake and let the kids play in the water. It was a bit windy, but they had fun! Jeff had gone with a buddy the day before over to the Seattle area to the indian eservation called Boom city. They have a whole bunch of big fireworks for really cheap! Jeff ended up buying a whole bunch of stuff, including some mortors, the big ones that shoot out of the tubes and explode like you see in the city fireworks. Well we found out the hard way, that you can only use the tubes a couple of times, if they are cardboard.(which ours were) You can also get the plastic ones which last forever. Well after you use the tubes over and over, they start to either shrink, or just get filled with gun powder, kindof like an unclean gun barrel, and consequently, the mortor doesn't fire out....and blows up on the ground! Watch out! The first time, yes first time, this happened, the firework will make this noise, and you know your in better start running or take cover. Well Jeff was lighting them off and when it made the sound, he started running, and only got about 10-15 ft away, when it got tipped over by another one and shot out.....hitting him right in the thigh! Now you see how quick they shoot up, they must be going about 100-150 mph. It knocked Jeff to the ground! After he got up and "shook it off", we looked at his leg. It had torn the skin right through his shorts! When we got home about 2 hrs later, I took a picture. The top picture is the night it happened, and the bottom picture is 3 days later!!! Crazy! The knot is bigger than my hand and sticks out from his leg about 1 inch!!! OUCH! Luckily, he's okay! :)

Newest Update!

I just had my 16 week check up today! The heartbeat was A LOT stronger and louder this time than it was at my 12 week checkup. I recorded it on my phone and sent it to Jeff through a text message cause he had to work. It was good and strong, she said it was at about 148! Now everywhere I've read on the internet and heard that people have told me is that boys heartbeats are lower and girls are higher, usually in the 160's. Scott and Jenny found out they are having a boy and theirs was at 143. We are keeping our fingers crossed and praying like crazy for a boy! We also made the appointment for our ultrasound. It will be at my next checkup 4 weeks from now! August 7 is the day I can't wait for!! Seems like an eternity away!!